Thursday, September 30, 2010


School is going great. I'm getting As, one -A, and a B, without wearing myself out too badly. At this point, it's honestly not taking too much effort to get good grades. It's either that I'm really smart, or that the people who get bad grades just don't care. I'm thinking it's the later, although it could be a little bit of the former. I mean, OK, I could be "smarter" than other kids in some sense, but I think that it isn't really hard to do well in these classes. You just gotta do all the homework and some studying. It's not that bad.

I've made some friends in the classes, but it's still weird walking through the halls. Everyone's talking to people, where I'm just focused on getting to the next class. Oh, well!

Oh, and I actually really like the lunches. They're not bad at all. The spaghetti on the first day was the worst one, and it's never been that bad since.

The homecoming dance is on the 9th! It'll be my first time going to one. I've been to one high school prom two years ago, and I'm thinking this shouldn't be too different. I think it'll be fun.



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