Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Two!

Salvete! (Hello in Latin.)

Day two was more stressful than day one, mostly I think because I was so tired. I couldn't fall asleep until midnight and had to get up at 6:25 again. I'm hoping I'll gradually be able to fall asleep sooner. Also, I was a little late for seminar today. I had left my backpack in my locker before P.E., and then after P.E. I had to rush and try to find my way back to my locker and then get to seminar in time. Didn't work out. It's so hard to get places when there are so many kids in the hallways. Oh, well. The teacher was nice enough to understand that I'm a newbie. Tomorrow, maybe I should just take my backpack to P.E. I don't know where I'll put it, but I really don't want to be late to seminar again.

I also met another exchange student, who's from Spain. She's in my P.E. and Seminar, just like the Armenian girl. The three of us hung out together during P.E. I think we get along because we're all new to the high school. The Spanish girl doesn't speak English very well, so it's hard to communicate. I'm hoping she'll know a lot more English by the time she leaves.

So far, my favorite classes are:

1. Psychology
Why: I've loved psychology for a while. My mom was a psychology major, so it must be in my genes. I also really like the psychology teacher. The only part about it that I don't like so far is that lots of the kids don't like to participate. I decided to volunteer to read from the book because no one else would volunteer to do it. The teacher gave me a candy bar after class for that... uh-oh, don't tell me I'll be the teacher's pet!

2. P.E. IV (Team and Individual Sports)
Why: I really, really like the teacher. She's so funny and energetic! Also, I have the exchange students to talk to.

3. A.P. English
Why: I love reading and writing. This seems like it'll have lots of that. It seems like it will be very challenging, which I like. I also like the teacher. He told me he liked my shirt today, which says, "Think... it's not illegal yet." I think I'll definitely get along with him!

4. Algebra III
Why: I like this class so far. The reason it's ranked number four is because math has never been my favorite subject. But I think I'll enjoy it anyway. The teacher is very strict, which I think is a must when it comes to math.

5. French I
Why: Being a homeschooler-at-heart, the reason I don't like this class so far is because it's TOO DANG EASY. It's not that I don't like the teacher. It's just that, so far, we just have to repeat the alphabet and some basic words back to the teacher. If I hadn't taken three rigorous years of Latin, maybe I wouldn't find it as boring, but... yeah, it's boring. I'm hoping it'll get harder.

What I noticed:
1. I realized that it's so much easier to be homeschooled, because we can get things done faster and don't need to worry about homework. So far, everything I've learned at class, I could've learned by myself. But I still like having a schedule to go by. Maybe if I homeschool my kids someday, I'll just have to make sure we're on some sort of schedule.
2. I felt like I didn't want to be there a few times, but that's probably natural for most high school students, I'd think.
3. The spaghetti there doesn't taste like anything.

Valete! (Goodbye in Latin.)

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