Friday, October 22, 2010


In P.E. we're playing volleyball. It's been a little rough for me, because I'm not good at volleyball at all. I'm slowly getting better, though. I can serve now and most of the time I can set the ball up/hit it over. But I'm still a little uncomfortable, because all the kids are so competitive. It makes me nervous to play, because I'm worried that I'll mess up and make my team lose. Now that I'm getting better, though, I don't feel as bad. Volleyball is actually pretty fun, if everyone tries to do their best!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Much New

We had a long weekend. We had no class on Friday, because of a student-parent conference and other stuff. It was a nice little break, but it made me dread this morning even more. I just did not want to get up. It was too dark outside and my bed was nice and warm. Somehow, I managed to get ready before 7:20.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speculation for the Day

One thing that's very different in the Catholic homeschool culture around here than the public school culture is that the majority of homeschool kids wouldn't even think to swear, especially in public. Sure, some homeschoolers do rebel and start swearing, but it doesn't happen too often.

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Homecoming

I'll give ya'll an update:
  • The psychology class is really easy. So far, I don't have to study that much, and I still get As. The stuff isn't that hard to remember and the multiple choice quizzes and tests are pretty easy (for me, at least).
  • For P.E., we're playing flag football. I've gotten two touchdowns so far, although I've dropped and missed the ball more than I've caught it. It's still a lot of fun, though! Next, we're playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE! I'm either going to love this or hate this. I'll hate it if the other kids don't follow the rules. Without the rules, ultimate frisbee is lame.
  • French is pretty easy. It's getting a little harder, but not by much.
  • A.P. English is getting a little easier. It's getting easier to write the timed essays. Yesterday, we had to write an essay about a poem. What we did is walked in the classroom, picked up the poem, read it for the first time, and then had to write an essay about it within the hour. I finished right after the bell rang. I ran out of time and didn't write a good enough conclusion, but that's just something I have to work on.
  • Algebra III is a little hard for me, because I'm more behind on algebra than the other kids it seems. I'm still managing to gets As and do better than others, though. I don't get it. Today, I had a quiz that I thought I'd get a C on, but I got an A with extra credit. Either I'm really good at looking at the question and guessing, or I subconsciously know it. Maybe it's a little of both. Either way, I hope I keep it up.