Friday, October 22, 2010


In P.E. we're playing volleyball. It's been a little rough for me, because I'm not good at volleyball at all. I'm slowly getting better, though. I can serve now and most of the time I can set the ball up/hit it over. But I'm still a little uncomfortable, because all the kids are so competitive. It makes me nervous to play, because I'm worried that I'll mess up and make my team lose. Now that I'm getting better, though, I don't feel as bad. Volleyball is actually pretty fun, if everyone tries to do their best!

Algebra III is getting harder for me. There's a lot of material I have to learn over the weekend for a quiz on Monday. I think if I study it a lot, I'll be fine. I'm hoping to get a good grade on the quiz, because I did poorly in the last few. I'm down to an A-! It's horrible! Don't want it to go down any further, or I'll get stuck in a rut. I think I just have to make myself study, or I'll never get out of it. Math doesn't come as easily for me as languages or reading comprehension. I'm not used to having to work so hard to understand something, because for most everything else, it's easy. With math, sometimes I'm just like, "Huh??" So, yeah... hopefully I'll be able to work it out and get this algebra stuff down.

I'm planning on visiting Aquinas in November! I really hope I hear back from Aquinas soon. I really wanna know If I'm accepted or not, because if I don't get accepted there, I'm going to apply to other places. I should probably apply to other places right now anyway, just in case, but I'm just not excited for any other college, so much so that a $35 dollar application nullifies my interest. I guess I'll have to figure out which colleges are worth the application fee to me.

Until next time!

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