Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Day

Bonjour! My first day of school went well! I only get lost once, I was able to open my locker, and no one made fun of me.

I started out the morning waking up at 6:25 and getting ready for school. That was hard, because I didn’t get any sleep at all. I just couldn’t get to sleep. I may have gotten some, but I couldn’t tell. Coffee helped, though!

My mom videotaped and took a picture of her first child going to school... not the same as having a cute kindergartener, but I had to suffice.

I caught a ride with my neighbor. She's also a senior at the high school. She's really nice.
Now, here’s my list for first trimester as follows:

1. Psychology
2. P.E. IV (Team Sports)
3. Seminar
4. French I
5. Lunch
6. A.P. English
7. Algebra III


I think I’ll enjoy psychology the most. I’ve always been interested in this subject. And I really like the psychology teacher. She seems really nice. Also, we got new psychology books. They’re pretty sweet.

I think I’m going to love this class. The teacher is so funny. She seems very energetic. Plus, we’ll be doing archery! I love archery. Also, I made friends with a foreign exchange student from Armenia. Her name is Nira (nigh-rah). She seems very nice. She’s also in my seminar class, so I helped her find it.

The seminar teacher is nice. She asked me about homeschooling. She also had one of the boys who also had French I help me find the cafeteria and he let me sit with him and his friends. That was helpful.

French I:
This one I’m predicting will be a little boring for me. The first lesson was to learn how to say things like "bonjour", "salut", "comment tu t’appelles?", "je m’appelle"… it was pretty easy stuff. We’ll see, though. The teacher’s new and this is her first real assignment. She actually went to the same high school, so it must be a little weird for her to be teaching here. She seems pretty nice.

I just packed a lunch for the first day. I didn’t want to have to deal with the lines. I sat with the guy from my Seminar and French I class and his friends. It was nice not wandering aimlessly looking for a table to sit at.

A.P. English:
I think this one will be a challenging class. We’ll be reading lots of classic books and writing essays during class. My teacher said we’ll probably be writing one essay a week once we get going. I really like the teacher. He seems very nice and has a nice personality. He’s also my only male teacher this trimester. Tomorrow, I have to write an essay on one of the books I read during the summer. I’ll have to go over the books tonight and make some notes.

Algebra III:
I think this will also be another challenging class. First of all, I’ve never been a math person. I can do it, sometimes it’s even fun, but I would rather be reading. I’m hoping I’ll keep a positive attitude for it, though. The teacher is nice but strict. She gave us homework the first day, so I’ll be doing that tonight.

Now here are some things I noticed:
  1. During the last few classes, I felt the urge to just run away and be alone. It just was weird being with a whole bunch of people for so long and not having any quiet time to just think. I was used to just being in my room to do school, and when I was around people for a long time, it was usually not in a small building with hundreds of people my age. It was usually just with a group of friends, their parents, and their siblings. It’s something I’ll just have to get used to.
  2. I have to get used to doing some homework during class. It is a weird concept for me. I’m just so used to doing school in my room, by myself, and at my own pace.
  3. I kind of enjoy having a schedule. When I was homeschooled, I was really bad about keeping a schedule. I just did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Nothing was set in stone, except for my online Latin class and Homeschool Connections classes. For some things it was a good thing, but for other things it was not very good. The problem with not having a schedule was that I tended to spend more time with the things I was interested in, such as reading, writing and Latin. I tended to push aside science and math. I still learned most of the science and math, but I didn’t master it like I did reading, writing, and Latin. I’m hoping that, since I have a schedule to follow, I’ll spend a relatively equal amount of time on each subject. We’ll see how it goes.
Until next time! Salut!

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