Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You'll Never Guess

I got a snow day! It's absolutely spoiling me. Tomorrow morning at 6:30, I'm gonna feel it. But for now, I'll contentedly blog and sip my coffee.

Yesterday I was gathering photos of myself. My Aunt Lisa is going to compile a scrapbook for me, for my graduation. So I gotta get all these together. I also want to head over to Wal-mart and print off some photos.

Speaking of photos, I want to rant about digital ones. Yes, I know they are very useful, but I find that it's so tempting to not print them. With my family, it's so rare now that we print our digital photos. They're all on computer... somewhere. I have to salvage them before it's too late and years of photos are wiped out! Yeah, maybe I'm overreacting...

And now speaking of graduation: I can't believe I'll be graduating this year. When I was a freshmen, senior year seemed so far away. And now I have to start planning my open house and thinking about going to college in the fall? It's surreal... it went by so fast, it seems! And I hear life only gets faster after this. I guess I better hold on for the ride.

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  1. I'll second you on the insanely fast jump from Freshman year to Senior year. It gets even faster the higher you go, i.e. college. ;) Good luck and hang on!