Friday, February 18, 2011

New Vocabulary: TGIF

TGIF! After this day, I'll have a three day weekend to recuperate. Before, "three day weekend" was never in my vocabulary, but now those three sweet words just make me feel so great!

Here are a few more words/exclamations/things that I've begun to use more:
"TGIF," as in, "YES! TGIF!"
"Homework," as in, "I'm pretty sure there wasn't any homework..."
"Spring break," as in, "I can't wait for Spring Break!!!"
"Prom," as in, "When is prom?"
"Grades," as in, "Gotta keep my grades up!"
"Presentation," as in, "We had to do a presentation today in psychology."
"Excuse me!" as in, "Excuse me, (you people who would run me over without realizing it)!"
"Oh my..." as in, "Oh my... (I shouldn't be surprised, it's the public school)."
"This is ridiculous," as in, "This is ridiculous. (You people should really begin to act your age.)"
"How was that essay question?" as in, "Don't tell me the details, but how was that essay question?"
"Ugh, stupid backpack!" as in, "Ugh, stupid backpack! (Yeah, I know I could put everything in my locker, but I'm just too lazy to come here before every class.)"

The list could go on, but those are the ones I've been noticing that I didn't hardly ever say before (or never had a reason to say before).

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  1. I just want to like this post, but this isn't facebook, so I can't, and will have to actually express why I like it haha.
    I can totally identify with using new phrases and language as a result of going to school. Those people who go to school their whole life have no idea how differently they talk! For instance, "bombing" a test. It took me about half a year of high school to figure out that it meant doing poorly. ;P