Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow! My Feelings on Snow Days

We got snow dumped on us last night, about 6-10 inches I'd guesstimate. Outside doesn't look quite like Snowpocalypse II, but it's a pretty considerable amount of the white fluffy stuff.

Ironically, my school already had this day set aside for a Professional Development day. I heard it's canceled due to the snow, so now I'm wondering if they're going to reschedule. Maybe for tomorrow? I doubt it, but it'd be so awesome to have another day off.

That sentence above kind of gave away my feelings on snow days. They are so awesome. My first snow day had a snow day after it. And then during Snowpocalypse, we got two snow days for that, too! It's just a great feeling to get a lot of snow and then find out you can sleep in tomorrow!

The only downside to snow days is all the work that has to be made up after them, especially if there are two in a row. That does heighten the dread of going back to school, because ya just know that you're going to get dumped on with as much homework as your area got dumped on with snow. Oh, well. It's the price we have to pay for the luxury of the white fluffy stuff.

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