Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm currently on my fall break! The transition into college went well! I'm really liking it at Aquinas and have made the coolest friends.

I'm currently taking German 101, French 101, Intro to Comm, Intermediate Algebra & Trig, and College Chorus. I was taking an Aerobic Fitness class that started at 7:45AM (!!!!) but it just ended (was only a quad). This adds up to 17 credits. I'm doing really well. The last French exam I took, I got 98%. I also gave my first speech for Intro to Comm and got an A-. Really happy. So, yup... I hope I can keep it up!

I'm planning on majoring in International Business... and, if I can, I want to triple major with French and German.  I've heard it's been done before. So if I can do it in 4 years, I will. If not, I'll make one of the languages a major, the other a minor.

It's really interesting taking two languages at the same time. I like it. So far, I haven't gotten things too mixed up.

My German so far: Ich heiße Frau Biewer. Ich habe blaue Augen und blonde, kurze Haare. Ich bin achtzehn Jahre alt. Ich komme aus den U.S.A. Ich wohne in Grand Rapids. Ich bin klein und schlank. Ich bin attraktiv. Ich esse Brot und Pizza gern. Ich trinke Wasser und Apfelsaft gern. Ich studiere Deutsch, Französisch, Mathematik, Musik, Sport, und Kommunikationswissenschaft in diesem Semester. Mein Deutschklasse beginnt um Viertel nach zwölf. Ich verstehe Englisch, Lateinisch, ein bisschen Deutsch, und ein bisschen Französisch. 

.... And now my brain is too fixed on German to be able to write much French. It's something I have to switch over to gradually. I can't be writing or speaking one foreign language and then jump to the next one quickly. It confuses me. We'll see how having both languages through the years goes! :)

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  1. I've enjoyed your blog and found your experience helpful wrt my own homeschooled kids.

    Viel Gluck mit dei Studium!

    (How the heck do you get an umlaut from a US keyboard?)